Sunday, January 13, 2013

One Wrong Turn

This is a true story. Almost. A few details have been changed to make the story more interesting but the basic storyline is true. Some might say it is a story which might make one believe in fate. Others might just say that is is all just a coincidence. Fate ? Coincidence ? Kismet ?  Destiny ?  You be the judge.

Two years ago, a family from Massachusetts was skiing at Gunstock Mountain Resort. Now for those of you not familiar with the Lakes Region of NH, I am going to give you the link to Gunstock so you can check out all of the winter AND summer activities that occur at Gunstock:   In a quick overview, I can tell you that winter activities include downhill skiing, snowboarding, Nordic skiing, tubing and the BIG air bag.  I just read the purpose of the BIG airbag and can assure you I will not be trying it anytime soon.

This family loves to ski and makes numerous trips north of the border each winter to enjoy the numerous activities at Gunstock. On this particular Sunday they had made many successful runs down the mountain, enjoyed warming up in the Lodge, and had some spicy chili at the Powder Keg Restaurant. Of course, all good days must come to an end and with long faces and many disappointed sighs, they put away their gear and climbed into the car to head south of the border.

The family was quiet as they pulled out of the ski area parking lot. In an attempt to change the mood in the car, dad turned on the radio and started singing along to his favorite oldies station. The teens in the back moaned, and mom joined in, belting out the chorus line.

The two of them were soon caught up in the moment, and the dark mood in the car finally lifted. They had been driving about seven miles down the road when dad realized he had missed the turn to 93S and he had no idea where they were headed. He went about one more mile and pulled into a Cumberland Farms to get directions and fill the tank with gas. While standing at the gas pump, he looked across the street with curiosity. He read the sign, Weirs Beach Village.  He liked the look of the community before him. Cottage style homes arranged tastefully. Street lights cast a welcoming glow over the village.

He climbed back into the car, drove across the street, and took a tour of the homes at Weirs Beach Village, fell in love with the Center Harbor model home and the rest is history.  Now when this family finishes skiing at Gunstock, they just pile in the car, drive eight miles down the road, and they are 'home'.

And it is that simple. We are glad that this family took one wrong turn. We sold a home and they have been able to make many happy memories whether skiing at Gunstock or lounging around in front of their fireplace, walking down to the beach in the summertime or visiting many of the other Lake Region attractions.  All you have to do is make one wrong the right direction.

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