Sunday, September 16, 2012

A True Testimonial !

Like most people, like most companies, we love testimonials. Testimonials that attest to our character, our work ethic, our integrity, our product. We have had customers write unsolicited testimonials about how much they love, love, LOVE their homes at Weirs Beach Village. If you come visit Weirs Beach Village, stroll down Memory Lane or Tranquility Turn and ask our homeowners about the quality of their homes, about how we stand behind our product, and about how much they LOVE living at Weirs Beach Village.

I believe that one of our greatest testimonials has recently come from our very first homeowner at Weirs Beach Village. They bought a "Gilford" from us two years ago and we welcomed them to Weirs Beach Village with open arms. They are perfect neighbors...respectful, quiet, pleasant so when I heard that they were looking to sell their home here at Weirs Beach I was highly disappointed. I didn't want them to leave our community. But then I heard the rest of the story...they are only selling their home so that they can have us build them one of our larger style homes here at Weirs Beach Village. They will still be part of our community. PHEW!

When I sat back to reflect on this situation, I thought about what a testimonial it is to us as builders, as business people, that our homeowners want us to build them another home. They trust us. They like the product. They believe in us. We are honored to build them another home in Weirs Beach Village.

Their current Weirs Beach Village home, 'The Gilford', is now on the market. I am sharing this information because I truly understand the value of this home. Not only is the construction of the highest quality but this home is impeccable inside. The condition is a '10'...and there a number of upgrades such as tasteful landscaping, custom painting, window treatments,  and irrigation system. I urge you to come visit this is an unbelievable value. Please click on the link below, type in MLS # 4144671 in the MLS search box and see for yourself. This could be your home for a very realistic, fair price...we'd love to welcome YOU to Weirs Beach Village !

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