Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Don't take my word for it !

How in the world have five months elapsed since I last wrote a blog post ? As I scratch my head in confusion and look back at the last one hundred and forty-five days I am filled with so many pleasant memories. Playing with grandbabies, visiting with family and friends, celebrating the summer sun AND building homes at Weirs Beach Village. We now have eighteen homes built in Phase I. Eleven families have purchased a home and four more homes are under agreement.

One recent summer evening we leisurely strolled through Weirs Beach Village, just soaking up the positive energy which surrounded us. I couldn't stop smiling as I watched the hustle and bustle all around. One family was simply chilling on their deck, beach towels draped over the rails. After all, it is only a 1/4 mile walk to the beach. Another woman told me her grandsons had walked down to the Boardwalk to play the arcade games. The fact that there are sidewalks throughout Weirs Beach Village all the way down to the beach and throughout the Boardwalk section makes for safe walking and great exercising ! Grills were fired up and the sizzle of burgers cooking made me hungry. Flowers were blooming and we admired the unique landscaping at each home. I stopped and reflected on how far this Village has come in a relatively short amount of time.

We are a family oriented business which has a vision. We truly are building more than houses. We are building a community of high quality, highly affordable year round homes where families can relax and escape from the crazy busy of everyday life. We believe in treating people with respect and honesty. We are not afraid of hard work and we stand behind each and every home.

But why should you believe me ? After all, I am closely connected to the project and the builder/developer. Words are cheap and can be easily manipulated. I can assure you that I am an honest writer who stands behind each word but I don't want you to just take my word for it. I have collected testimonials from a few of the homeowners at Weirs Beach Village. These are true and honest testimonials. I have not doctored them in any way. I ask that you read them with an open heart and open eyes. You'll see that I speak the truth when I write that Weirs Beach Village is a community that is built on a foundation of hard work, respect and honesty.

' We immediately fell in love with the style and design of the homes. Once we had the chance to view the models, interior layout and quality workmanship we were convinced that this would be a great investment and location for a second home. The location was the deal maker for us. We are so happy that we can easily walk to lake attractions, restaurants and entertainment that makes the Lakes Region so much fun. When we're here we take daily walks, bike rides or jogs from our home and we never have to get in our car. We can't wait to see the development grow, meet new neighbors, and enjoy the addition of the pool and clubhouse. Many thanks to Bonnie, Skip and Jeff for making this new chapter in our life an enjoyable experience.'
                                                                                  ~ Peter and Rhonda

'  Buying a home at Weirs Beach Village was an enjoyable and exciting experience. It was a pleasure to work with our Realtor, Janis Cashman, and everyone else at WBV who helped make our home a reality. We cannot say enough about how friendly the entire staff was and continue to be.
   We absolutely love our summer home. As a family with two young children, Weirs Beach Village has been a wonderful getaway from city life. The neighborhood is serene, beautiful, and we are surrounded by great neighbors. It is a great gift we have been fortunate enough to give to our children. We know the memories we have made and will continue to make will last a lifetime. 

                                                                            ~ Mark and Bonnie

' This amazing development has brought four generations of my family closer than ever !! Nothing better than a family gathering where your guests range from 9 to 93 ! Now we have endless NH fun just steps away and this beautiful tranquil neighborhood to enjoy with our family and friends all year long. Even our beloved four-legged family member, 'Rascal', gets in on the fun. No matter who's coming up for a visit, he always manages to score himself an invite ! He just loves walking around WBV meeting all the friendly neighbors and contractors.
    Now that winter is right around the corner, we're looking forward to getting into some cold weather activities so if there are any winter lovers out there, please pop by to say "hello". We love meeting our neighbors !
                                                                                     ~ Rascal and his family

Here's "Inspector Rascal" checking out the Phase II paving job.  
' We love living at Weirs Beach Village. Living here is easy. Our home is comfortable and relaxing. We have great neighbors and friends. The area has something for everyone in the family, where we can enjoy all NH has to offer. We look forward to the time we spend at our home at Weirs Beach Village.

                                                                                                                ~ The K Family

' It is said you create your own happiness. True, but you may need others to help. I was searching for a 'retreat' home that would be peaceful, affordable, well-built, a place to escape to.  Weirs Beach Village is all this and more. Everyone involved with the building of my home, starting with the Realtor, Janis Cashman, has always greeted me with a smile. They answered my questions promptly, did everything to make me happy...they cared about me. They collectively made sure the job was well-done. I am very happy when I walk inside my "retreat"...I look around, smile and know I made a great decision. Thanks WBV for your help at giving me happiness...and Jeff, keep on smiling.
                                                                                          ~ Another Happy WBV Homeowner

There you have it. Testimonials written by just a few of our WBV homeowners.
 And we will keep on smiling.