Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Call.

Building 85 homes for 85 families is a process. A long process. When building a development of this size, the NH Attorney General's Office becomes involved to insure that the consumer is protected. I understand the reasoning behind this since not all builders/developers are cut from the same cloth. I can guarantee that the builders/developers of Weirs Beach Village have a strong set of morals and ethics which guide them through not only the process of building homes but also in their lives. Each decision is made with the consumer in mind. Words such as conscientious, responsible, and hard working pop to mind when describing the WBV team. In a blog post in 2010 I interviewed builder/developer Skip Kelley which allows one to gain a sense of who is behind the homes at Weirs Beach Village. Click here if you would like to read that post.

Like many large projects, Weirs Beach Village is being built in Phases. Phase I has 22 Lots. We have sold sixteen of those homes. In May of 2011 we applied for Attorney General approval for Phase II. Phase II has 19 Lots. We have customers who are ready to buy one of the Phase II Lots but until we received AG approval we could only take non-binding purchase and sales in Phase II until we had the stamp of approval from the Attorney General. So the waiting game began. We passed in our application...almost needed a forklift to carry it but we successfully passed it in. We waited. They responded that they needed more paperwork. We responded. We waited. We waited some more. We tapped our toes. We paced. We reminded ourselves that patience is a virtue. More customers signed non-binding reservations. We tried to explain to impatient customers that this is just part of the process and we just have to wait. We just have to wait for the call.

And finally on February 2, 2012 we received 'The Call'. We were informed that we had been granted Phase II approval. We had absolutely no doubt that we would receive the approval but at the same time, waiting can take a toll on a person. We felt a sense of relief. We felt a sense of accomplishment. We felt a sense of pride. Then we felt a sense of urgency as we called our Realtors and told them the good news. Now all of the non-binding reservations can be turned into purchase and sales agreements. And we can start building houses in Phase II and that is what we do best !

Contact Prudential Verani today at 603-845-2232 to schedule a tour and see for yourself what we are talking about !
Builder/Developer Skip Kelley enjoying the view from one of our model homes !