Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Walk This Way

I had the good fortune to be up at Weirs Beach Village on a recent February afternoon. The air was brisk, reminding me that I was alive. It was the perfect day to take a two mile walk through Weirs Beach and I decided to share my pictures from that afternoon with you. So much to see and do ~ all within walking distance from the homes at Weirs Beach Village. Step outside onto the deck at the 'Center Harbor' model.
We are going to take a right onto Endicott Street. There are sidewalks throughout our walk so no worries about being hit by passing vehicles.
Are you a music lover and enjoy an outdoor concert? Then the Meadowbrook Musical Arts Center is the place for you - and it is only 4 miles away ! Go to their site at and check out the 2010 calendar. Reba will be there on August 21 and you just might see me there !

Who doesn't enjoy going to see a play? 'The Laramie Project' is currently playing. There are shows year round at the Playhouse so when you are living at Weirs Beach Village and wondering what to do in the winter, you will have many choices.

As we continue our walk down Endicott Street we pass 'The Lobster Pound' ~ nice to know there are several restaurants within walking distance from your front door. Brunch at 'The Lobster Pound' starts at 10:00 AM ~ leave some pancakes for me !

Need to get your boat serviced ? You can walk right down to Thurston's Marina and have all of your boating questions answered.

If it was in the middle of summer we would have reached our destination possibly - the beach ! It is just down the hill from your home in Weirs Beach so you don't have to worry about finding a parking spot - just grab a towel, walk down and jump in !

Here is a view of the beach from a distance. Love that gazebo ! Bring a picnic lunch and make a day off it !

Another restaurant within walking distance. Just think, you can even have dessert since you will be walking off those extra calories when you head home !

This is the historic landmark sign letting you know where you are ~ when I see this sign lit up at night I feel like I have gone back in time ~ to a place where life was simpler and less complex. That's what Weirs Beach Village is all about.

Just one of the majestic views which I saw during my walk. Truly breathtaking.

Now we are walking down Scenic Ave. ~ in the summer you can't find a parking space on this street so it is a good thing that you can walk right on down here from your home at Weirs Beach Village. The winter time is quieter and allows one to reflect as they wander through the streets of Weirs Beach.

Tired of walking ? Jump aboard for a scenic ride around the lake.

Trains aren't your thing ? How about a dinner cruise on the Mt. Washington ? How lucky you are to have choices !

The emphasis here is on FUN ! Arcades, food... just chillin' on the boardwalk. Oh, the memories your family will create and keep...forever.

I am the queen of the bumper cars. I can't wait until they open for business in May ! I'm the one in the red car ~ watch out !

I really wish this stand was open for business as I walked by...peppermint stick ice cream in a sugar cone, please.

The Tower Hill Tavern is hopping in the summer ~ usually it is standing room only. Notice the small print - fried dough. Life is good.

And now the part of the walk which will allow us to break into a sweat - up Tower Hill. Ready ? I will race you to the top!

At the top of Tower Hill, take a left, cross the street and we are back at Weirs Beach Village.

Hope you enjoyed our virtual walk together. There is so much to do at Weirs Beach and if you live here, it is all within walking distance. It doesn't get much better than that. See you at the bumper cars !