Friday, November 5, 2010

Surround Yourself With Good People Who Are Only Going to Lift You Higher

From the beginning of this project we have used a team approach for getting the work done. We are well aware that there is no "I" in team and we believe in the power of synergy. We have surrounded ourselves with motivated people who have similar goals and beliefs. Positive attitude, self motivating and hard working are just a few of the qualities we demand from our team members. Bonnie Gravel brings all of those qualities, and so much more, to our team. A Realtor with Prudential Verani, Bonnie and her team came on board with Weirs Beach Village one year ago. Bonnie understands and respects our needs and our goals. She is not afraid to get her hands or feet dirty. She can be found giving tours of the model homes, vacuuming occasional dust bunnies, shoveling snow, and was recently seen serving apple crisp at our ribbon cutting ceremony. But working with our customers is Bonnie's true calling. She is honest, direct, and a straight shooter with a sense of humor that can soften the most difficult discussion.

 I decided I wanted to interview Bonnie so that people can truly understand the caliber of people working on the Weirs Beach Village team.  It was challenging to pin Bonnie down long enough to ask her a few questions. Did I mention that Bonnie is very active with an exhausting energy level ? I tried to keep up with her to ask her a few questions and needed a nap at the end of that day.

1. How long have you been involved with the world of real estate ? How did you get started in RE and why ? Almost 20 years and I love it!! I was going to college to  work with people in Cardiac Rehab  while bringing up two young children and managing in a health club and teaching aerobics. I met a wonderful couple, Chris and Bill Dowd, that use to take all of my exercise classes. One day Chris, who was a Real Estate Trainer, asked me if I ever thought of getting into real estate and that a realtor in her office needed a high energy assistant to help him with customers. I accepted. I did finish and graduated from college, with my husband and two children cheering me on. I did however become very busy in real estate and it is history from there. I do feel like I help make peoples' hearts happy especially when they receive the key to their new home or they have sold a home and moved on to the next stage of their life. It is pretty cool and most of the time brings tears to my eyes.

2. What jobs did you have before you became a realtor ? Oh my...that is a long list, so here you go.

Like most girls...babysitting first. At 15 I use to take a bus to a lawyer's home and worked as a paralegal.

At 16 when I got my license I worked for three lawyers, and had a job at 'Grover Cronins' in Waltham as a shoe salesgirl.  At 17 I worked as an administrator for a Dynamics Company. After graduation, I worked for Digital equipment as a dispatcher. This is where I met the love of my life. I then became a computer technician for Digital for a couple of years then had our beautiful children.

My favorite job was motherhood but while I was doing that I worked at Shaw's a couple of evenings a week and Sundays. I also sold Princess House Crystal at home parties to help with household bills.

Then as mentioned I went back to college, managed and taught aerobics in a health club while the kids were in school. Then real estate......

3. Any pets ? Tell us about them. I have had pets my whole life and can't image life without them. My mom said we had a cat that use to sleep in the crib with me when I was a baby and that is true today. Actually when I met my husband..I said to him if you do not like animals then it won't work. He is still here and we have our 12 year old rat terrier Ginger who sleeps with us every night...which I know can be a pain.

4. What makes a successful realtor ? Compassion, understanding, listening and understanding the needs of your seller and buyers... not what you think they need. Mostly be a true Professional.

5. Tell us about the Prudential Verani team ~ how is your team different from other real estate teams ? I feel Prudential Verani as a whole company is a family with great values and commitment to their customers and to their employees and agents. Our New Homes Division is top notch with more support that I have ever had in any real estate company I have worked. The team at Weirs Beach Village ~ Janis, Gene, Pete and Kristin ~ are very experienced agents that are very excited about the community and love the homes.

6. What are you feelings about WBV ? I love the whole concept that the developer/builder has created. The sense of community is astounding and is what the buyers are feeling and what they like. Personally, I am so happy after selling new construction for over 15 years, and my gained knowledge from that has now allowed me to be picky in choosing where I want to sell and who I want to sell for. I am blessed that it has brought me here to WBV.

7. What do you do in your spare time ? Spare time...what is that in real estate?  But when I do have spare time..I love hanging with my family and good friends.

8. Any words of advice to people looking to buy or sell their homes ?   Find the right realtor!!!!

9. You have a very optimistic outlook ~ how do you stay so positive ? I believe a person is happy if they believe they are happy and that shines through in how others see you too.

I had a few more questions for Bonnie but she was off and running to her next appointment. We are fortunate to have her on our team and hopefully you will have the opportunity to sit down and talk with Bonnie or any of the Prudential Verani team about your  dream home at Weirs Beach Village. They are only a phone call away from making your dream become a reality. All you have to do is dial 603-434-2377 ~ it is that easy !