Tuesday, November 17, 2009

There is no " i " in team.

I love basketball and was recently cheering on my favorite team ~ the Boston Celtics. I become quite passionate and involved as I watch the games especially if it is a nail biter. During a game this past weekend I yelled at the TV screen, "Pass the ball, there is a man under the basket...he is waiting for you to pass it to him. DO NOT GO FOR THE THREE. A man is open. Play as a team ~ basketball is a team sport."

Through the years I have been a part of many teams and the ones which have been most successful and enjoyable are the teams which are organized, well-managed, and with open lines of communications. Effective teams have members who work together creating positive synergy. The focus is on getting the job done, not on individual glory.

The Weirs Beach Village team has the energy, enthusiasm and skills that will allow us to reach our goals. When we have our team meetings led by our leader, Realtor Bonnie Gravel from Prudential Verani, creative ideas and 'out of the box' thinking bounces off the walls of the conference room. We believe in this project ~ we always have and we always will ~ and the plans going forward are cutting edge. We all have our roles on our team but at the same time none of us are afraid to pitch in and do what needs to be done. At any time you might see the developer of the project mowing lawns or the realtor moving furniture. Our philosophy is get the job done effectively. We have high standards for the entire project and for each individual home. Our team has a strong foundation built with respect, honesty and strong work ethics. We are a team of like minded, hard working people who have a vision. We invite you to come to Weirs Beach Village in the near future and witness for yourself the power of our team. Call Bonnie today at 603-845-2232 or email her at bonnie.gravel@verani.com with any questions or comments you might have about Weirs Beach Village.

And when you come up to visit us ~ wear your green, mention that you are a Celtics fan and you will feel the magic of our team. Go Weirs Beach Village !!