Sunday, September 16, 2012

A True Testimonial !

Like most people, like most companies, we love testimonials. Testimonials that attest to our character, our work ethic, our integrity, our product. We have had customers write unsolicited testimonials about how much they love, love, LOVE their homes at Weirs Beach Village. If you come visit Weirs Beach Village, stroll down Memory Lane or Tranquility Turn and ask our homeowners about the quality of their homes, about how we stand behind our product, and about how much they LOVE living at Weirs Beach Village.

I believe that one of our greatest testimonials has recently come from our very first homeowner at Weirs Beach Village. They bought a "Gilford" from us two years ago and we welcomed them to Weirs Beach Village with open arms. They are perfect neighbors...respectful, quiet, pleasant so when I heard that they were looking to sell their home here at Weirs Beach I was highly disappointed. I didn't want them to leave our community. But then I heard the rest of the story...they are only selling their home so that they can have us build them one of our larger style homes here at Weirs Beach Village. They will still be part of our community. PHEW!

When I sat back to reflect on this situation, I thought about what a testimonial it is to us as builders, as business people, that our homeowners want us to build them another home. They trust us. They like the product. They believe in us. We are honored to build them another home in Weirs Beach Village.

Their current Weirs Beach Village home, 'The Gilford', is now on the market. I am sharing this information because I truly understand the value of this home. Not only is the construction of the highest quality but this home is impeccable inside. The condition is a '10'...and there a number of upgrades such as tasteful landscaping, custom painting, window treatments,  and irrigation system. I urge you to come visit this is an unbelievable value. Please click on the link below, type in MLS # 4144671 in the MLS search box and see for yourself. This could be your home for a very realistic, fair price...we'd love to welcome YOU to Weirs Beach Village !

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Never Trust a Skinny Cook !


I decided to take a break from writing about our highly affordable, well-constructed homes at Weirs Beach Village. It is clear that I am delivering that message to the people since in the past week we had one closing, wrote three purchase and sales agreements and took one non-binding reservation...and there are many people in the wings who are sitting there, waiting to sign. Of course, I do wonder what they are waiting for...interest rates are SO low. How low will they go ? I am not sure but I don't think I'd be waiting around. Weirs Beach Village is currently one quarter sold out ! Woot-woot !

On a recent stay at Weirs Beach Village I needed a cup of coffee...ASAP!
I actually also needed breakfast since we all know that breakfast is the meal of champions. On my way to Weirs Beach Village I have passed a small diner a zillion times and had never stopped...huge mistake on my part. The diner is Donna Jean's Diner, located at 1208 Weirs Boulevard and is only .68 of a mile from the homes at Weirs Beach Village. The diner is open Monday - Sunday for breakfast and lunch from 6am - 2pm.

We were able to be seated right away...timing is everything!  I didn't count the number of tables but I bet the diner can hold 80 - 100 people...please do not quote me on that. There are tables that look out over the channel and if one were fortunate to sit at one of those window seats, you would be able to watch the boats going by. I am hoping to sit at one of those tables on my next visit. The diner is quaint, comfortable and relaxed. I loved a couple of the signs that were hanging on the walls...'Never trust a skinny cook' and my favorite...'This is a drama-free zone!"

Our waitress, Tori, greeted us with a smile and a cup of coffee...brewed to perfection. The veggies in my vegetable scramble were cooked just right...not too mushy and not to crisp. My husband chose the ham and cheese omelet and he truly enjoyed each bite. We are both picky about our hash browns. Would Donna Jean's hash browns pass the test ? I am happy to report that they were cooked to perfection.

I love the fact that I can just wake up at Weirs Beach Village and walk right out my door to Donna Jean's. Nothing like a delicious filling breakfast to start my day !

Donna Jean's Diner is on Facebook @!/pages/Donna-Jeans-Diner/111551848866742

Stop in and tell them that Weirs Beach Village sent you !

Thursday, July 19, 2012

We'll see YOU at the Expo !

The car is packed to the roof. We have the banner. The creative, useful 'giveaways'. The highlighters which bear our company's name. The big glass fish bowl so people can enter the raffle. The over-sized computer monitor is wrapped in bubbles to protect it on its journey. The PowerPoint presentation is complete. The brochures are back from the printer. The bonus coupons look awesome...who wouldn't want that deal ??  My toenails are polished. We are ready for the Lakeside Living Expo which is being held July 20, July 21 and July 22nd at Gunstock Mountain. We are excited. We are prepared. We have all of our gear packed in the Subaru.

But here is the reality. Our single family, affordable, well constructed homes can stand on their own. They don't need lots of bells and whistles. They don't need reams of glossy paper to showcase their features. They don't need raffles and bonuses to convince people that these year round homes, which are minutes away from Lake Winnipesaukee, are constructed of the finest materials by highly qualified contractors.

But here is the issue.  People need to come and see these homes with their very own eyes, up close and personal. We, the builder and his family, are all well aware of the commitment, the integrity, the heart which goes into building each home and we want others to see for themselves that we are not just building houses...we are building a community of homes. Remember that not all builders are created equal...our builder can wake up every morning, look in the mirror and know that he has built a unique development which meets the needs of today's home buyer.

Our homes need you to come and visit them so you can see that high quality construction. You can touch the Hardie Plank siding which has a 30 year warranty. You can look out our windows which have a Lifetime warranty. You can touch the fixtures, check out the flooring and decide for yourself which of our four models you'd like to call home.

So that is why we are going to the Lakeside Living Expo so we can speak for our houses. So we can tell people, in person, about how they can live at Lake Winnipesaukee, year round, in a home that was built on a strong foundation and which will truly feel like home. 

The weather forecast looks spectacular so come on over to Gunstock. I'll give you one of our creative 'giveaways', show you how to enter our raffle, and hand you a coupon which will make your wallet happy but most importantly, I'll give a voice to our single family homes at Weirs Beach Village.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Building a house is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Life would be so much easier on so many levels if, in fact, we could build a house in three easy steps. The reality is that there are many steps, with multiple levels, when building a house. The idea for this blog post came about after a conversation with our project manager. He stated that he thought the majority of people have no clue as to what goes into building a house. Why would they ?  I have no idea what goes into manufacturing my car. Some people aren't  aware of the source for most of their food. Think of the products that you use on a daily basis and I imagine that you have no idea how they were built or created, nor do you give it a second thought. Of course, when we are building a house for a customer, they are anxious for it to be done quickly and efficiently. We do our best to meet all time lines and to help our customers understand the process. This post is an attempt to put the process into words and that is not an easy task. Please note that it is written in layman terms, and I am not the builder so please realize that some steps may have been left out unintentionally.

We are going to start with the building lot. For the purposes of this post, we will pretend that the lot has already been surveyed, plot plans are stamped by the appropriate officials, and the land has been cleared and stumps have been removed. We will also assume that the blueprints have been drawn and stamped by an engineer.

We must now go to the Building Dept. and apply for a building permit. Once the various officials have approved the plans, and you've paid the appropriate fees, the permit is issued. Now the real work begins.

The machines roll in and the excavation work begins. This would be my grandsons' favorite part as the dump trucks and bulldozers move the dirt around excavating a cellar hole and creating a level playing field as boulders are relocated. Occasionally, blasting is necessary. Soon after, the cement trucks arrive on the scene to pour the footings which are the first part of the foundation. The foundation forms are put in place next and the cement trucks return to pour more cement. The cement must set for about one week so that the foundation walls can cure adequately to withstand backfilling. Before backfilling, the foundation which is below grade must be coated with a sticky tarlike substance to prevent water from getting through the concrete. Perimeter drains are installed and then the foundation is ready to be backfilled.  Oh. Stop that excavator ! The building inspector has to come and do a foundation inspection before it can be backfilled.

Now the framer has to make a lumber list. He needs to determine how much and what types of lumber must be ordered based on the building plans. The order is placed and the lumber company delivers the order to the site. The framing crew first builds any kneewalls which are required and then they frame the first floor, then the first floor exterior walls. If this is a one story house the ceiling is framed next or if it is a two story house, the second floor 'floor' is built.

Once the roof is framed and sheathed, the fascia and soffit are installed. Then the roofing crew arrives. I personally have much respect for roofers as I watch them nimbly climb all over the roof, attached with a safety rope. Rope or no rope, you will never catch me up on any roof. It is not a job for the faint of heart. Felt is installed just before the shingles are nailed down.

Before any interior walls are built, remember to place the bathtubs into the house or you might have an issue! Build the interior walls, install the bathtubs, windows, exterior doors and garage doors.  Call the building inspector so the frame can be inspected. Install rough plumbing. Call the building inspector so the plumbing can be inspected. Install the electrical wiring. Call the building inspector so the wiring can be inspected. Insulate the exterior walls. Call the building inspector so the insulation can be inspected. Hurry up and wait.

While all that work is being done on the interior, the exterior is being graded, landscaped and grass seed is put down. The siding goes on and the decks and exterior stairs are built.
Back to the interior. The drywall crew arrives to hang all of the drywall. Once hung, each sheet must be taped and coated with drywall mud...three coats. The drywall must then be sanded...and take it from one who knows, the sanding of drywall creates a bloody mess !

There are now many crews working simultaneously inside the house...and hopefully they are staying out of each others' way, being polite and even-tempered. The painter primes the drywall. The interior doors, window trim and baseboard is installed by the finish carpenter. The kitchen cabinets and counter tops are installed, the painter returns to paint the interior walls and the finish trim.  The electrician installs switches, receptacles and lighting fixtures. All of the hardware such as door knobs, and closet shelving are installed. This is really starting to look like a house !

The floor coverings which have been selected by the customer are installed. This could be tile, carpeting, hardwood or laminate flooring. Toilets, sinks, and appliances are all installed.

The entire house is cleaned from top to bottom and yes, we do wash windows. The address numbers must be installed on the outside of the house. The building inspector comes back to do the final plumbing inspection and the final electrical inspection. The local fire department arrives to inspect the heating systems and fuel tanks. The building inspector does the final Certificate of Occupancy inspection and we are then given the final Certificate of Occupancy once all of the different city officials have signed all of the required paperwork.

The best part of the whole building process is when we sit down at the closing, across from our customers, and hand them the keys so they can begin the process of making their house a home!



Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Call.

Building 85 homes for 85 families is a process. A long process. When building a development of this size, the NH Attorney General's Office becomes involved to insure that the consumer is protected. I understand the reasoning behind this since not all builders/developers are cut from the same cloth. I can guarantee that the builders/developers of Weirs Beach Village have a strong set of morals and ethics which guide them through not only the process of building homes but also in their lives. Each decision is made with the consumer in mind. Words such as conscientious, responsible, and hard working pop to mind when describing the WBV team. In a blog post in 2010 I interviewed builder/developer Skip Kelley which allows one to gain a sense of who is behind the homes at Weirs Beach Village. Click here if you would like to read that post.

Like many large projects, Weirs Beach Village is being built in Phases. Phase I has 22 Lots. We have sold sixteen of those homes. In May of 2011 we applied for Attorney General approval for Phase II. Phase II has 19 Lots. We have customers who are ready to buy one of the Phase II Lots but until we received AG approval we could only take non-binding purchase and sales in Phase II until we had the stamp of approval from the Attorney General. So the waiting game began. We passed in our application...almost needed a forklift to carry it but we successfully passed it in. We waited. They responded that they needed more paperwork. We responded. We waited. We waited some more. We tapped our toes. We paced. We reminded ourselves that patience is a virtue. More customers signed non-binding reservations. We tried to explain to impatient customers that this is just part of the process and we just have to wait. We just have to wait for the call.

And finally on February 2, 2012 we received 'The Call'. We were informed that we had been granted Phase II approval. We had absolutely no doubt that we would receive the approval but at the same time, waiting can take a toll on a person. We felt a sense of relief. We felt a sense of accomplishment. We felt a sense of pride. Then we felt a sense of urgency as we called our Realtors and told them the good news. Now all of the non-binding reservations can be turned into purchase and sales agreements. And we can start building houses in Phase II and that is what we do best !

Contact Prudential Verani today at 603-845-2232 to schedule a tour and see for yourself what we are talking about !
Builder/Developer Skip Kelley enjoying the view from one of our model homes !

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Welcome to our Virtual Open House !

Our Realtors are hosting an Open House on Sunday, January 15th and Monday, January 16th from 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM ! It is the perfect weekend to drive up to Weirs Beach Village and take a tour of these highly affordable four season homes which start at just $149,900.00!

For those of you who can't attend in person I've put together a little Virtual Open House. How easy is that? Just go pour yourself another cup of coffee, get comfortable in your favorite chair, and set off on your virtual tour.

Here is some additional information about the area and Weirs Beach Village. Hopefully you will find it helpful as you make a decision to buy a home in our community of high quality, highly affordable homes.

" Imagine a location that makes you smile each morning! Now imagine living in a charming new home in the heart of the Weirs Beach area, just 10 minutes from the famed Gunstock Ski area and all the year-round pleasures of New Hampshire’s incomparable Lakes Region with snowmobiling, hiking, swimming, boating, skiing, food and fun at your doorstep. Imagine further being only a short walk to the Mount Washington dock and the celebrated beach on Lake Winnipesaukee.

Pinch yourself and stop imagining, because with the affordable new Weirs Beach Village offering homes starting at just $149,900, this lifestyle is a reachable reality.

Weirs Beach Village is a wonderful and unique new community of detached destination homes that offer carefree year-round living. Explore what life’s pleasures offer and get ready to embrace a new home that will be the centerpiece of happy memories for generations to come.

“We absolutely love our new home,” remarked new homeowners Bonnie and Mark.

“As a family with two young children, Weirs Beach Village has been a wonderful getaway from city life. The neighborhood is serene, beautiful and we are surrounded by great neighbors. It is a great gift we have been fortunate enough to give to our children. We know the memories we have made and will continue to make will last a lifetime.”

Numerous floor plans as well as popular options make it possible to personalize and put the finishing touches on a dream home. What makes these new homes so special is that they are an astounding value, attractive, well planned and in one of New England’s most desirable locations. It is rare to find affordable new construction so perfectly situated near the beach, mountains, snowmobile trails and year-round attractions of the Lakes Region.

Weirs Beach Village is a community for all reasons and a location for all seasons. Designed for carefree year-round living, these new homes are stylish, efficient and well constructed. Homes boast 9-foot ceilings, abundant windows allowing for natural light and a four-season room that embraces the natural beauty of the setting. Most of the layouts offer single floor living, spacious entertaining spaces, an optional loft area and garage. The interior of the individual homes is open concept with spacious kitchens perfect for entertaining family and friends. With a brand new home, buyers may choose the finishing touches, appliances, cabinetry and flooring to ensure the space fits their needs and lifestyle. Homes have the added benefit of city water and sewer ensuring less worry for homeowners that want to spend part of the year in a warmer climate.

The enchanting neighborhood and the beautiful natural surroundings welcome visitors. The landscaping enhances the natural beauty and invites you make Weirs Beach Village your home.

There is no need to mow as the Homeowners’ Association cares for the mowing of the common space and all yards. For those that like to garden, each home has a yard for flowerbeds to give the property an individual personality. The community is canine friendly so Fido is welcome.

The new energy efficient homes at Weirs Beach Village are all about lifestyle. The community will include an onsite pool and clubhouse for residents and guests.

Anyone who has ever vacationed near Weirs Beach knows that the Lake Winnipesauke area has been a year-round mecca for sports enthusiasts for over a century. A prized four-season destination, this highly desirable region offers some of the most popular winter sports options in New England with extensive snowmobiling trails out your front door, ice fishing, along with great downhill and cross country skiing at nearby Gunstock.

For those who want to relax, the area offers a wide range of outstanding restaurants, spas and entertainment, most within easy walking or driving distance. The ever-popular outlet shopping centers of Tilton are just a short drive from this new community.

The unique new Weirs Beach Village community offers the charm of living in classic New England style homes in an area well known for its scenic beauty, year-round outdoor fun and cultural attractions at a price that is truly affordable. Designed for owners of all ages, these delightful new homes would work well for empty nesters that may plan to downsized to a condominium in Florida, but also want an affordable home in New England to stay close to family and where they can enjoy the timeless joy of the Weirs Beach region without the hassles of maintenance.

For the younger first-time buyer that desires a carefree home with easy access to the natural recreational pleasures of the Lakes Region, this is a wonderful opportunity to become a homeowner. Record low interest rates make this an excellent time to buy.

This new community is being marketed by The New Homes Division of Prudential Verani Realty and prices start at an amazing $149,900!

Just 90 minutes from Boston and less than an hour from the Merrimack Valley, Weirs Beach Village is an opportunity that is not to be missed.

Please come and enjoy the pleasures of the season in the Lakes Region, and see the delightful new homes first-hand. It is the perfect opportunity to become reacquainted with The Lakes Region and to visit the splendid shopping district and nearby outlets for shopping or enjoy skiing at nearby Gunstock.

For those that cannot attend today, the model is open every Friday thru Sunday from noon to 3 p.m. For details, directions or a private showing, please contact Weirs Beach Sales Manager Bonnie Gravel at Prudential Verani Realty, direct at 603-566-9599, or via e-mail at or contact the New Homes Sales and Marketing Manager at Prudential Verani Realty, Gail Nickerson at 603-845-2129 or, or visit " ~ Written by  Linda Greenstein