Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Celebrations and Congratulations and Big Changes !

As many of you may know, we had been waiting for many months for final approval from the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office. It was impatient, toe tapping waiting. But one bright and sunny Wednesday morning we received the call we had been waiting for from our attorney ~ Weirs Beach Village is officially a Homeowners' Association ! We didn't even know what to do first. Crack open the champagne ? Hug and kiss ?  Pinch ourselves ?  Call everyone ? Send out emails ? It was rather chaotic in the office for awhile but then the news sank in and we realized what needed to be done ~ organize the troops and start building more houses !  There was no time for dancing with wild abandon and singing from the roof tops. There was work to be done.

So the dust has settled and the work has begun. Non-binding agreements are being rewritten as purchase and sales agreements. Work has begun on new houses. Foundations are poured, framing continues, and Phase 1 will soon be all sold out.  Furniture is being moved out of models as closings begin and customers move into their homes.  We love thinking about the models being transformed into homes for families. Homes where so many memories will be made.

And my work continues. To keep spreading the good news...Weirs Beach Village is a Homeowners' Association...officially.  Let the celebrations begin !